Trying To Get Pregnant With PCOS – 7 Proven Techniques

Trying To Get Pregnant With PcosIf you’re one of those women trying to get pregnant with PCOS and feeling completely helpful and discouraged by the numerous attempts and solutions that failed in providing results, why not switch to some natural remedies?

Unlike medical treatments, herbal and natural solutions are a lot more affordable, more accessible and often more effective as they work from the inside, improving the overall body health state and ensuring a more complex approach of this problem.

Herbal remedies and plants listed below can be safely used by any women dealing with fertility issues and looking for ways to get pregnant with PCOS without relying on expensive medical treatments. Can women with PCOS get pregnant? Take a look below and discover the best natural solutions!

Trying To Get Pregnant With PCOS By Using Calcium Supplements

Calcium plays a significant role in a healthy pregnancy, so it’s no surprise women with PCOS are often deficient in this mineral. By restoring the normal levels of calcium, one can considerably increase their chances of having a baby, so if you’re trying to get pregnant with PCOS you should consider this solution.

This mineral can be taken from foods like collards, mustard greens, turnips and kale but also from milk and dairy products. Some types of seaweed like hiziki provide high amounts of calcium as well, so they should also be considered as good natural solutions for fertility issues caused by PCOS.

Not to mention calcium also contributes to a better absorption of vitamin D, which is also involved in the healthy development of a pregnancy and linked with greater chances of conceiving. By paying attention to the intake of calcium, you can also help your body get more of the vitamin D foods in your diet provide, which is excellent for boosting your chances of conceiving a baby.

Getting Pregnant With PCOS Using Vitamin D

Vitamin D is involved in the metabolism of glucose, which means it influences the levels of blood sugar after meals. People with diabetes often have vitamin D deficiencies and it’s well known that insulin resistance is one of the main causes of PCOS.

When blood sugar levels remain elevated for longer than normal, it means that the body isn’t using insulin as it should, so besides an increased risk of getting diabetes, this also triggers an increased risk of developing PCOS.

According to studies, women with PCOS often see their health state improved after being given vitamin D supplements on a daily basis. This vitamin regulates the menstrual cycle and restores the normal composition of blood, a normal menstrual cycle being crucial for increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Good dietary sources of vitamin D for those of you wondering how to conceive with PCOS are eggs, mackerel, whole fat yogurt, liver oil, salmon and tuna. However, levels of vitamin D can also be increased by spending more time in the sun, 15-20 minutes per day being enough for boosting one’s fertility.

How To Get Pregnant With PCOS Using Gymnema

This Ayurvedic plant can also help in getting pregnant with PCOS as it regulates blood sugar levels and helps in reducing levels of triglycerides as well as the risk of becoming diabetic or overweight. As known, women with PCOS often have problems in keeping their weight under control as blood sugar levels are higher than normal and diabetes is quite frequent in these women.

Gymnema works by regulating the composition of blood, by suppressing cravings for sugar and helping one follow a healthier diet. This creates a healthier internal environment, increasing the chances of having a baby as conception is more likely to take place when the hormonal levels and body’s response to insulin are normal.

How To Conceive With PCOS Using Essential Fatty Acids

If you’re tired of asking yourself “how can I get pregnant with PCOS” by using only dietary supplements and natural products, another good alternative is represented by essential fatty acids such as omega-3. These compounds can help you lose excess weight and control your cravings and appetite in order to reduce the intake of sugar and to have healthier blood sugar levels.

Also, essential fatty acids support the normal hormonal production and balance and they create a healthier environment for conception. Good sources of omega-3 fatty acids as fish, seafood, soy beans, squash, radishes, wheat, almonds, milk and eggs. You can also find omega-3 supplements in the form of capsules, in this case being necessary to take 1-3 capsules daily.

Ways To Get Pregnant With PCOS: Use Cinnamon

Next on our list of home remedies and solutions to getting pregnant with polycystic ovarian syndrome is cinnamon, product that has been extensively tested in order to determine whether it is linked with fertility and a healthy pregnancy or not.

A study taken in 2007 proved that cinnamon can normalize the body’s response to insulin and reduce resistance to this hormone, which is very important for fertilization to take place. Cinnamon slows down the breakdown of carbs, preventing levels of blood sugar from staying elevated longer than normal.

Also, this natural treatment makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight, which is also one of the problems preventing women with PCOS from conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Using Progesterone Creams

A natural cream containing progesterone can increase your chances of having a baby if you’re dealing with PCOS as in this case your levels of progesterone are altered and this prevents your body from producing more viable eggs and conceiving.

Progesterone creams increase levels of this hormone in your body, reducing the levels of estrogens which are often too high in women with PCOS. By regulating the hormonal balance, these creams normalize menstruation and it’s well known that a normal menstrual cycle is more likely to lead to fertilization and pregnancy than an irregular one.

So if you’re searching for quick, accessible and affordable solutions for trying to get pregnant with PCOS and you don’t want to rely on herbal teas and foods only, progesterone based creams can be a good choice as well.

Can I Get Pregnant With PCOS Using Licorice Root?

Licorince root is an excellent natural solution for women trying to get pregnant with PCOS as this plant helps in regulating the production of male and female sex hormones. As known, in women with PCOS certain hormones are often in lower than normal levels, while others are produced in higher than needed amounts.

Licorice works by regulating the production of these hormones and supporting normal levels of insulin and glucose in the bloodstream. By doing so, this plant reduces the risk of inflammatory processes and increases the chances for fertilization to take place.

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